Friday, November 02, 2012

Joke of my day


Kandice is holding her jacket ..

Daddy: Kandice Jacket 是外罩
Kandice look at her Daddy......(???)
Kandice: No... Jacket is J not Y....
Mummy LOL.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shernise's progress update @ Jun-Oct 2012

Mummy: Long time never update my princess blog.. Not because I busy because lazy... Ha ha....

Here are some updating for my princess Shernise:

Shernise had became a 四眼妹 since August 2012.. Her astigmatism of 125 degrees. But her eyeball has some problem. Doctor want her to put on her glasses all the time. Hope can help it. We were told to be back 3 months later for review. Hope everything will be fine for her... *pray hard pray hard*

She also started her swimming lesson on August 2012. So far she done very well. Keep it up gal!

Shernise going to be primary one next year. We already registration her in a school near our house. Looking forward on the Primary one orientation day next month 19th.

Without realizing how time flies, my little Shernise had already graduated from K2. Another milestone are waiting for her. Hopefully she can enjoy and cope well in her primary school life..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Grimace Hello Kitty

Grimace Hello Kitty

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My PrincessesLing

Mummy: Here are some outdoor shots taken by ME @ 12th May 2012 .

McDonaldland Hello Kitty is BACK!

Shernise: Yeah! McDonaldland Hello Kitty is BACK in town!
Mummy told me McDonaldland Hello Kitty Plush Toys back again after 12-years. McDonald’s Hello Kitty are finally back in town again ;) Monday 21/5 Mei Mei went school early morning because she going to Zoo with her teachers. So Mummy brought me to McDonald’s for breakfast before my school, she also bought me a Hello Kitty plush toy but this Hamburglar Hello Kitty I will give it to my sister because I like the Grimace Hello Kitty ;)heehee~~
Each McDonaldland Hello Kitty plush toy is available at $3.60 each with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal (EVM), and customers are entitled to purchase one toy with every EVM purchased. When you can get them: Hamburglar Hello Kitty (17 May to 23 May)* Grimace Hello Kitty (24 May to 30 May)* Birdie Hello Kitty (31 May to 6 June)* Ronald Hello Kitty (7 June to 13 June)* Meow~

Monday, May 14, 2012


Backdated Post - 1st May 2012 Mummy: I love the way when they are playing but sometime they like to quarrel with each others.. ;(

Shernise @ 6.5yrs old

Mummy: Shernise is 6.5yrs old. She is now in K2 so far she done well in her new school. She just completed her ICR in April. We decide to let her rest for a few months before we enrol her to ICR Pri One next yr. I also enrol her in Abacus this month.. hope Abacus can help her in math ;)* Actually hard to teach her in math ;( *

Saturday, May 12, 2012

French Fishtail Braid tutorial


See this is what i tried on Shernise hair "French Fishtail Braid"


Mummy: See what my PrincessesLing came back with.. A Mother's Day cards! Both of them done in school. So sweet ;) Kandice told me "This is her Happy Heart Card for ME" haa haa~
Thanks Princess!

Little Kandice @ 3.5yrs old

Mummy: Here are some update for my little Kandice @ 3.5yrs old. She has start her ICR since Arpil. So far so good she like to go ICR. We just hope she can learn more new things from there. @ School : She is Nursery 2 this year. She far so good.. She done well in school. She also learned a lot of new things in school and she also got a lot of new frineds there ;) @ Home : I also start to teach her to do some writing and reading but this little lady very mood swing.... if her mood good she will do what i want her to do if not.... she will cry until i keep the book or she will just run back to her room and sleep.... SAD!!! I ready dunno how to teach this little lady.. WHO CAN HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lazy Mummy!

Shernise: Our lazy Mummy almost forget about our blog..... Until few days ago her frined asked her about our blog she finally remember she like super long time never update our blog. She says will try to update when she free and good mood. Aiyo! Our mummy very lazy!

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